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Before kicking off my own writing career, I spent 16 years working as a Marketing Director in the publishing field. I’ve loved focusing on the writing side of the equation in recent years—but believe it or not, I often miss the excitement of marketing good books! So I’ve kept my hand in by continuing to do freelance marketing work for other authors. Marketing is really all about connecting with an audience—and I still love helping other writers figure out how to do just that.

World's Largest BullheadBut because I also understand things from a writer’s point of view, I know that most authors have limited budgets. So my focus is on training other writers to become actively engaged in promoting their own books. It’s like that proverb about teaching someone to fish instead of just handing them a fish: I believe that once an author understands the marketing basics, they can learn how to effectively market themselves and their books.

Here are some of the ways I currently train other writers:

  • Personalized marketing consultations: These one-on-one online sessions are tailored to help writers create and carry out a personalized marketing plan for their book(s). Sessions are scheduled at the writer’s convenience and are billed by the hour.

  • Book Marketing Basics class: an online workshop with a small group of writers. A new class is scheduled as soon as my waiting list contains approximately 5 writers who are targeting a similar audience (for example, one class might focus on marketing children’s books while another class might focus on marketing mysteries).

Contact me if you’d like to learn more about a personalized consultation or to be added to the class waiting list.

Look here for further details about my work in publishing.

Here’s feedback from some of my previous marketing students:

  • “Thank you, Lisa, for a wonderful, informative and inspired session. I will certainly use all the ideas you shared with us to help market my book.” —Marian T.

  • “This was a great class and well worth the money and time. Thank you for your well-organized presentation and for the additional materials.” —Michelle A.

  • “I found your class valuable and I left with many positive takeaways of things I can do.” —Janet M.

  • “You are well-spoken, your presentation provided more than I expected, and I learned much from what you had to offer.” —Charlie K.

  • “I really appreciated your great tips for putting together a simple and manageable plan.” —Ann S.

  • “Tonight was terrific, the info provided and generated is invaluable.” —Lizzie C.

  • “Just got home from the workshop with so many ‘free’ ideas to market the book that my head is spinning and I can’t sleep! I want to start working on everything right now!” —TJ L.
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