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Are you writing an author report?

Here are the answers to some questions people often ask me.

Turn Left at the cowTurn Left at the Cow: classroom activities

In Turn Left at the Cow, Travis discovers a lot of surprising things when he runs away to rural Minnesota.

Now you can create your own butter head or Chicken Poop Bingo game, similar to those in the book, with these activities for classroom or craft room:

Butter Head Beauties

Chances Are

If you've read Turn Left at the Cow, you know exactly
how these activities figure into the book!

You Can Write a Story!You Can Write a Story: make your own story wheel

If you'd like to make a story wheel to help you think up ideas for your own stories, just like the kinds of writing exercises we do in You Can Write a Story!, I've provided directions for you.

Download your hints for making your own Story Wheel.

Download a Story Wheel sheet to write your own stories.

Not Enough Beds!: word search puzzle

Not Enough BedsCan you find all the characters from my book Not Enough Beds!?

Here’s a hint: the names appear in alphabetical order in the book, so you should find twenty-six total, one name for each letter.

Download the Word Search.

Trick or Treat on Milton Street: follow the maze!

Trick-or-Treat on Milton StreetCharley is the hero of Trick or Treat on Milton Street and he has many interesting adventures when he goes out in costume on Halloween evening.

Can you help Charley find his way home? Give it a try, and then I hope you’ll enjoy reading Trick or Treat on Milton Street.

Download the Maze.

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